About Contender UK

Contender UK was founded by Martin & Carol Shires in the 1986 to represent Contender Sailcloth in the UK. In 1989 they were joined in the business by their son Alastair who now heads the company. Alastair has led Contender UK forward with the addition of new products and services, whilst maintaining the company's tradition of quality and service.

Contender Sailcloth quickly established itself as a world leading brand of sailcloth and has kept pace with the ever advancing technology of the sailmaking industry. Their worldwide offices are run by sailors who are active at all levels of the sport.

Contender UK has also grown to be a major supplier of the best fabrics and hardware available for sailmaking, cover making and for those working with fabrics for structural and architectural applications. Only top quality product lines make it into the Contender UK portfolio!

We are also now offering our unrivalled C360 precision cutting service. We can plot or cut a huge range of fabrics on our fully vacuumed 16 metre by 2 metre flat bed cutter, using a powerful laser or a range of knife cutting heads.

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