Contender Sailcloth

Unique understanding of the Sailcloth Market.... Contender Sailcloth was formed in Holland in 1986 by Guus Bierman. Contender Sailcloth is a worldwide organisation devoted to supplying a sailmaker with the best available fabrics for all their sail making requirements.

Our offices are all run by sailors who actively participate in the sport at all levels, from one-design to grand prix to cruising. With our unique understanding of the sailcloth market Contender continually strives to meet the demands of the market with innovative fabrics using the latest in fibre, weaving and finishing technologies.

The result is a range of fabrics renowned for its quality and performance.... Cruising yachts spread across the oceans, Olympic medals, and the America’s Cup all share the common thread of Contender Sailcloth.

A difficult decision.... It can be a complex and difficult decision deciding exactly what fabric to use for your sails, but one that can make all the difference! We would always recommend you work closely with your chosen sailmaker to ensure he fully understands your own specific needs and expectations.

Contender Sailcloth product sheets.... Below you will find our latest product sheets that are all available for download. For complete product information and explanations please refer to the Contender Sailcloth website or contact us directly.

Fibercon® The Next Generation Woven Sailcloth Fibercon® AP
Fibercon® High / Low Aspect Fibercon® Pro Radial
Fibercon® Pro Vectran Fibercon® Hybrid Dyneema
Fibercon® Competition Supercruise
Nylite / Maxilite Stormlite
Superlite / Superkote / Dynakote Maxikote
   Code Zero:    
ZL Code Zero Aramid ZL Code Zero Polyester
MAXX® One Design Racing Black Aramid MAXX® Racing Black Aramid Internal Taffeta
MAXX® Voyager Aramid Cruising    
ZigZag Racing Polyester APEN Racing
ZigZag Racing One Design Black Aramid ZigZag Racing Black Aramid
CDX Polyester Cruising DWX Dyneema Cruising

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Download the Contender Cruising Matrix Product Guide
 Download the Contender Spinnaker Colour Card