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RBS Epoxy Compression Battens

RBS have established themselves at the top of the market with their range of specially formulated epoxy battens, offering ultimate performance and durability whilst still being cost effective. Using the standard batten widths and lengths offers maximum flexibility in batten selection and the use of standardised batten pockets in the loft for maximum production efficiency and flexibility. The basis of the RBS range is their unique epoxy matrix which has allowed them to combine maximum strength for weight, with exceptionally soft batten tips in their leech battens, whilst also increasing durability.

The RBS Epoxy Compression Battens are a range of tapered battens with a firmer tip and their draft back at about 40-45%. Designed for use in full batten mainsails and an essential upgrade for full length mainsail and jib full length top battens where durability is paramount.

10mm and 12mm widths are primarily used for main and jib battens for Dinghies and smaller One Design classes.

15mm width battens are normally used in smaller mains and jibs and beach catamarans.

19mm and 25mm width battens are generally used for mains and jibs for larger boats of 30ft and over.

RBS Batten Code - An example of an RBS order code: E19230/100F (E - 19 - 230 / 100 - F)
E19230/100F - The code will always start with E or CB for Epoxy or Carbon
E19230/100F - The next 2 numbers represent batten width in millimetres (10mm, 15mm etc)
E19230/100F - The 3 following numbers are thickness in inches (.160, .230 etc)
E19230/100F - The next measurement is order length in centimetres (/100, /240 etc)
E19230/100F - The last letter states the taper with F for flex/leech batten, C a compression/full batten, R a reverse compression for a flat, full entry or NT for non-tapered

RBS Batten Selection Guide

 Boat Size     Batten Position Fractional Rig    Masthead Rig  
 25 Foot No.1 Top E19230 E15230
No.2 Upper Middle       E19230 E15230
No.3 Lower Middle E19265 E15265
No.4 Bottom E19265 E15265
 30 Foot No.1 Top E19230 E19230
No.2 Upper Middle E19230 E19230
No.3 Lower Middle E19265 E19265
No.4 Bottom E19265 E19265
 35 Foot No.1 Top E19230 E19230
No.2 Upper Middle E19265 E19265
No.3 Lower Middle E19300 E19300
No.4 Bottom E19300 E19300
 40 Foot No.1 Top E19265 E19230
No.2 Upper Middle E19265 E19265
No.3 Lower Middle E19300 E19300
No.4 Bottom E19350 E19350
 45 Foot No.1 Top E19265 E19230
No.2 Upper Middle E19300 E19265
No.3 Lower Middle E19350 E19300
No.4 Bottom E19400 E19350
 50 Foot No.1 Top E19265 E19265
No.2 Upper Middle E19300 E19300
No.3 Lower Middle E19400 E19350
No.4 Bottom E19400 E19350

Custom Batten Specifications If you cannot find the specification you require we can offer RBS battens made to order for your specific length, stiffness, taper and finishing, with a lead time of approximately 10 working days. For an added touch provide us with your logo and/or boat name and have this printed onto the batten. This is particularly great for batten sets.

One Design Batten Sets If you have a one design class you regularly build sails for we can store your batten set specification and allow you to call off sets as you need them that will come trimmed to the correct length with your choice of caps, printed logos and labels to go straight into the sail. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Based in Hood River Oregon, RBS have been family owned and operated since 1985. They continually work with sail designers to create state of the art products focused on reliable and consistent performance. RBS specializes in E-Glass and Carbon Fibre epoxy battens to bring sail makers and consumers a dependable product constructed in detailed design that will improve the shape of your sail in any situation. RBS supplies battens and accessories for the windsurfing, dinghy, one design, catamaran, cruising, race and mega boat markets throughout the world and are primary supplier for many of the leading sailmakers worldwide. Regardless of your sailing style, RBS Battens and accessories offer durability and performance that will last the life of your sails.

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Warehouse Expansion Program Update

We are Open again!

Our warehouse has now reopened but due to the ongoing work we need to anticipate elongated shipping times, so please allow 1-2 days for your orders to be prepared, either for shipping or collection.

We are on schedule and expect our new warehouse to be fully up and running by Christmas. We appreciate your understanding throughout this period of disruption. If you have any specific questions or problems please contact us as soon as possible.

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